Video presentation: What Makes Belonging an Art?

Friday, November 1, 2013
First author:
Prof. Dr. Hans Reinders


Faculty of Theology, VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands
All authors:

Prof. Dr. Hans Reinders


In his book Receiving the Gift of Friendship Hans Reinders has argued that ‘belonging’ is a key concept in thinking about the good life for human beings. Following upon this argument he will explore the links between ‘belonging’ and ‘çhoice’. The leading intuition is that belonging depends on recognition. It is therefore other-dependent, and does not sit easy with ‘choice’, the importance of which is precisely to support people’s independence. Framing belonging as an ‘art’ highlights the complexity given with this tension. Time for a philosophical exploration.

Belonging as an art means that people have learned to use the skills they have developed in one area of their lives also in other area’s, thereby expanding their range of activities from their own strength.
A video presentation by Hans Reinders, Professor of Ethics at VU University Amsterdam
Video production: Huub Rutjes and Jasper Reinders.
Video presentation is online