Transitions: a journey through child-based health services to adult services - a personal account

Saturday, November 2, 2013
First author:
McDonagh J.
Inclusive Relations

Independent author, Bristol, UK

All authors:

Josh McDonagh

Social Inclusion & Representation
Transitions, identity, choice

I am a young man (20 years old) who has cerebral palsy with learning and physical disabilities. I am currently studying a BSc in Architectural Studies at Cardiff University, Wales, United Kingdom.

The presentation will focus on my experiences of health services and how they have impacted on my life. I will provide examples of events which had a particular impact. 

Over the past 20 years I have accessed many different health services ranging from community-based medical services to specialist services, for example a Pain Clinic. My journey from pre-diagnosis as an infant to accessing adult-based health services will be shared.  The impact of services on:

• health and well-being

• family life

• education

• independence

will be explored against a backdrop of services being provided that I didn’t need and having to ‘fight’ to gain access to those services that were needed.

The challenge of asserting my right to have a ‘voice’ and be listened to will be discussed providing examples of exemplary practice and less than desirable practice.

I will conclude by briefly sharing the frustration of health and social services failing to accommodate my disabilities and how this affects my independence and privacy.

The presentation will be delivered verbally with the aid of a Power Point presentation.