publicatie "Autistic Company" van Ruud Hendriks

Wetenschapper Ruud Hendriks (o.a. projectleider bij het onderzoeksprogramma disability studies) heeft het boek "Autistic Company" geschreven. Het boek is te bestellen bij uitgeverij Rudopi

Autistic Company: Social interactions of autistic and non-autistic persons are intriguing. In all sorts of situations people with autism are part of the daily life of those around them. Such interactions exist despite the lack of familiar ways of attuning to one another. In Autistic Company, the anthropologist and philosopher Ruud Hendriks—himself trained as a care worker for young people with autism—investigates what alternative means are sometimes found by autistic and non-autistic people to establish a shared existence. Unprecedented in scholarly work on autism, the book also reflects on how to talk about these unusual ways of getting on together. Drawing on methods from both the arts and the social sciences, this study covers very diverse sources, ranging from literary works to factual writing on autism in science and advisory literature, and from autobiographical accounts to ethnographic observations in a home for autistic people.