Saturday, November 2, 2013
First author:
Nossin M.
Inclusive Relations

Perspectief, Utrecht, the Netherlands

All authors:

Mario Nossin, Anouk Bolsenbroek

Social Inclusion & Representation
Inclusion, community building, organizational change

The iSupporter is an instrument for facilitating change in support organisations by cocreation. It  aims at developing inclusive support practices, so that people with disabilities can live meaningful, inclusive lives in their own neighbourhood. The development of this instrument is still going on in pilot projects.

The iSupporter has four elements:

A. A cyclic model for structural change which enables teams to take action for improvement concerning their own priorities.

B. An instrument of large Scale Listening and real time monitoring of change.

C. A method for evaluating own practices

D. A toolkit for capacity building and ‘collective visioning’

Seven support organisations organized in the ‘Network Professionals and Inclusion’, working together, started their own pilot. In each pilot a team consisting of people with disabilities, their networks and support workers, community members and policymakers works to facilitate belonging and contribution, community building, reciprocity and support, countering of stigmatization in their own community.

The iSupporter combines improvements in the life of individuals with improvements in the community as a whole.

This presentation shows how the iSupporter works. The examples come from the activities of several teams of support organisations collaborating in the network ‘Professionals and Inclusion’. In this network participate also two centers of expertise and two universities of applied sciences.