Inclusion and Self-determination

Saturday, November 2, 2013
First author:
Bolsenbroek A.
Making Inclusion Work

1 Perspectief, Utrecht, the Netherlands

2 Vilans, Utrecht, the Netherlands

All authors:

Anouk Bolsenbroek1, Willy Calis2

Social Inclusion & Representation
Inclusion, belonging, self-determination, organizational change


The project ‘Inclusion and Self-determination’ aims at giving people with multiple physical and intellectual disabilities a say in living their own life and an equal position in society.


Five teams from different support organizations participated in the project, using instruments and methods from the ‘VeranderKIZT’, a box with tools for achieving change concerning Quality of Life, Inclusion and Self-determination. The combination of person centered planning and Social Role Valorization on the individual level and system change and the use of a cyclic model on an organizational level, proved to be a sound foundation for achieving success in these areas.


The project resulted in big changes in the lives of people with multiple disabilities. One of them, who spent his live in his bed box most time of the day, is now a member of a community garden. Another member shares his garden with him. He works also as a teacher assistant of a drama group. A woman who participated in the project now works in a childrens playgroup. Professionals gained experiences with using the tools and principles of the ‘VeranderKIZT’. Others hearing stories about the success of this project where encouraged to do the same.


With the help of the 'VeranderKIZT' people enthusiastically join forces for full meaningful and inclusive lives for people with multiple disabilities.