Mieke Cardol is applied research professor in 'Disability Studies; Diversity in Participation' at Research Centre Innovations in Care of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. This research group came into being through collaboration with Disability Studies in the Netherlands.

The focus of the research group is on people with disabilities participating in and belonging to our society, and how this works in daily practice. The field of Disability Studies offers a different perspective on these issues, inclusing insights from the perspective of disabled people themselves. If everyone is to be given the chance to contribute to society, these are of great social significance.

Students and teachers at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences are involved in the research group, and its results will contribute to the further development of education and practice in a variety of fields.

Research topics

For this lectureship three priority research topics have been selected:

  • Promotion of participation in education and social participation for young people with disabilities;
  • Promoting employment and social participation for adults with disabilities;
  • Promotion of social participation for independent living elderly people with disabilities

Other important topics include further development of participatory and mixed methods research, and contributing to the creation of an inclusive society.

Research Centre Innovations in Care

Research Centre Innovations in Care is an initiative of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Due to the rapid and continuous changes in society affecting healthcare, there is a need to look for and investigate healthcare innovations that provide better patient- or client-related outcomes, as well as innovations that reduce the number of people who need to use healthcare facilities.

The Research Centre Innovations in Care staff combines expertise in clinical care, research methods, community (health)care, implementation sciences, health policy, health care delivery, information technology, business and education to address the barriers that prevent high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective healthcare and innovation. By involving university students and teachers the Research Centre contributes to a better education for future professionals.

The Research Centre has four research programmes:

  • Self-Management and Participation;
  • Integrated Care;
  • Evidence-Based Care;
  • Healthcare Innovation with Technology;