Call for Papers: Special Issue on Quality of Life and Family Quality of Life.

Guest Editors: Roy I. Brown, PhD and Alice Schippers, PhD.

Quality of Life and Family Quality of Life have become important issues in the field of disabilities and beyond and include understanding the experiences of children with disabilities and their siblings and parents, who together, are facing all manner of challenges in their families across a wide spectrum of experience throughout the life span. With this in mind, we invite the submission of articles across the full range of family related issues, articles that speak to an array of approaches to practice, assessment, and to the identification of supports that have been developed or are being piloted as well as to issues of policy. Where possible, we believe it important to include examples of effective support and successful outcomes that increase individual and/or family quality of life and wellbeing. We also welcome articles on allied topics, keeping in mind the audience of the International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies.

Articles should be no more than 35 pages double spacing including tables and references.

Further details pertaining to submission may be obtained by clicking on Author Guidelines: However, please note below that we ask that you send your submission directly to Roy I Brown as per the directions below:

Steps for Submission and Review:

Interested authors should first send a brief outline of the proposed articles to Roy Brown This should be forwarded by 31st December 2016.

The Editors will then inform authors of accepted summaries requesting that their article be submitted no later than 30th June 2017 and preferably earlier.

Once submitted the articles will be forwarded to no less that 2 independent reviewers. Once the reviews are returned the editors will contact the authors regarding the outcome of the reviews.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please feel welcome to contact either of us regarding issues of suitability or further questions.

Roy I. Brown, PhD, School of Child and Youth Care, University of Victoria, BC, 

Alice Shippers, PhD, Disability Studies in Nederland, Department of Medical Humanities, VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands.