Dialogue workshop "The Art of Belonging"

Saturday, November 2, 2013
First author:
Gigi Dingler
Workshop: Accessible Society II

Nederlandse Stichting voor het Gehandicapte Kind (NSGK)/ NSGK: a Dutch Organisation for children and young people with disabilities, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

All authors:

Gigi  Dingler, Saskia Buma, Alma Wattimena


During this workshop we will set up a dialogue together about the topic: "The art of belonging". A dialogue is a conversation between two or more people in which you personally speak and adopt an open listening attitude. A dialogue is the opposite of a debate or discussion, it is not to convince, but to share.

Dialogue meetings can be used to raise awareness of yourself as an individual or organization. Dialogues may also be suitable to promote cohesion in a group or team or to resolveconflicts. Dialogue sessions can be fertile during merger talks, are used as team building sessions and cabinet formations. The dialogue method is also valuable for investigating topics as a team, for example during evaluations or policy development processes.

The dialogue method is applied in the NSGK-project Focus on Friendship (see the conference programme of Friday the 1st of November). NSGK brings teenagers with autism in conversation about friendship and trains schoolteachers in hosting dialogues. The dialogue method is also applicable for support groups of patients and parents associations (of children with handicaps).