The art of belonging: about initiatives, limits and possibilities of belonging of disabled people: two messages

Saturday, November 2, 2013
First author:
Platenkamp C.
Making Inclusion Work

CCC Foundation, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

All authors:

Coleta Platenkamp

Social Inclusion & Representation
Diversity, ways of life, context, competences


I would speak about a double message that goes with the art of belonging:

1. There is not one way of showing the art of belonging, but many ways, there is diversity. You can read about them in many ego documents where disabled write about their lives. The ways of belonging differ not only because there are different diseases and handicaps, they vary in many context, with kind of people, networks, families, support etc. .

2. Each form of belonging asks different competences, essential to make it possible that  belonging will succeed. It is necessary to know limitations and own limits, you need to organize well, show what is possible, have opportunities etc.


In an oral presentation I would like to use YouTube videos to have discussion about the double messages showing ways of life, limitations, possibilities and actions in trying to belong in a variety of contexts. Use Dutch examples and examples from abroad as well. Initiatives of Joost Nauta or Anne Mreijen, limitating fatigue of people with Crohn disease, comedians like Boys on Wheels, Josh Blue, the Zimmers, the video ‘See me’. 


They show diversity: what works for one person, won’t for another. They show disabled and nondisabled people multiple ways of belonging on different parts of life


Learn of  what we see and combine that with the two messages.