Research seminar Metamedica

dinsdag, 29 mei, 2018 - 13:00 - 14:30

Metamedica Research Seminar

Topic: “Medicalization of childbirth”

On Tuesday 29th of May the Research Seminar will be devoted on the theme “the Medicalization of Childbirth”. An interesting topic which we will look into from a more general perspective (what is your own position when it comes to the medicalization of childbirth?) and by looking at research where our colleagues Mariëlle Diepeveen and Tineke Abma are involved in; the IRIS (IUGR Risk Selection Study) study.

Background IRIS study

Of all babies that die after 25 or more weeks gestation, 40% are small‐for‐gestational age (SGA). In the Netherlands third trimester ultrasound (US) screening is increasingly being used to monitor foetal growth even though evidence on its effectiveness or cost‐effectiveness is lacking. The proposed study fulfils the urgent need to evaluate the value of third trimester US for monitoring foetal growth among low risk women in primary care. If shown to be effective, routine third trimester US will contribute to reducing the national perinatal mortality and severe morbidity rate.

Midwifery is the main researcher within the VUmc. An ethical study is performed by our department. The aim of this study is to identify the experiences of pregnant women with the two US screenings in the third semester and the informed consent procedure, with a focus on the moral themes which are central in this.

Furthermore, we are looking at the possibilities to invite Beatrijs Smulders for the research seminar. She is interested in participating as a guest, being a well-known midwife (verloskundige) in the Netherlands with a strong vision on the medicalisation of birth.

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Mariëlle Diepeveen and Tineke Abma


VU, afdeling Metamedica
F-vleugel Medische Faculteit
Lokaal F001
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The research seminar is primarily meant for researchers of the department of Metamedica, VUmc.


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