4th Biennial Conference - European Society For The Study Of Theology And Disability

4TH Biennial Conference

“Life in all its Fullness?”

Theology and Quality of Life

27 June - 29 June 2013,  Lille, France

Life in all its Fullness? Theology & Quality of Life

The concept of Quality of Life (QoL) has become increasingly important within the field of disability services throughout the Western world. While in many countries service systems for people with disabilities and their families are channeled through quality assessment programs that evaluate services in terms of QoL, apart from some contributions in philosophy, the academic research backing these programs is almost exclusively provided by the social sciences. The voice of theology has been notably absent. It is not clear why this is the case, but one reason may have to do with resistance to the concept of QoL as it is used in healthcare ethics, where the concept is primarily tied with discussions on end-of-life decisions.

The fourth ESSTD conference will provide the opportunity to reflect theologically on the concept of Quality of Life and what it might mean to have this as a key concept for assessing human service systems. 

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